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Temporary exhibition "trip to starlit sky and musical box - Milky Way Railroad -"
(特別展 「星空とオルゴール~銀河鉄道の旅~」)

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Automatic performance of musical instruments such as antique music boxes concert will be held in the exhibition room reflected star-filled sky. You can enjoy the story world of the novel 'night on the Galactic Rail Road' written by Kenji Miyazawa what is about who meet various peoples while the journey of Galactic rail train. In music box museum, there are many repertries such as "Twinkle stars variations."
In concert, we greatly reflect galactic image that main characters would watch from road of the Milky Way railroad. In the space, we play musical piece that musical piece to come up in story and animated movie released in 1985 were used for in (supervision: Sugii gisaburo) at "night of the Milky Way railroad" with music boxes. Be wrapped up in galactic stars as if we take the Milky Way railroad and go on a trip and can enjoy concert.
In repertory of holding of music box museum, there are many stars such as "star variation and music about month shiningly", too. Please spend forgetting heat of Summer in cool tone of music box and collaboration of starlit sky under star-filled sky.

Events Information

  • Kobe/Hanshin Area


4512-145 Kita Rokko, Rokkousan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Contact Information

Reference Name

Rokko International Musical Box Museum






Rokko International Musical Box Museum (External link)


By Car

  • It is about 20 minutes from the back Rokko driveway

By Train

  • It is city bus 16 system from JR Rokkomichi, Hankyu Rokko, Hanshin Mikage → Rokko Cable → Is circulation bus in mountain; to Rokko Garden Terrace

Events Information

Events Information

From Friday, July 12, 2019 to Tuesday, September 10

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