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Akashi Castle Festival 2018

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Akashi Castle Festival

Armor-clad warrior activities

teienteicha service of Musashi

Akashi Castle Festival is held for the 400th annivasary of Akashi Castle in 2019.

Various stage performances and booths will be held in the venue, and the turret of Akashi Castle, an important cultural asset will be open to the public. Also you can enjoy delicious Akashi food such as Akashiyaki (Tamagoyaki), winner of the B-1 Grand Prix. 'Akashi Meridian Dontokoi Festival' will be also held on October 8th.

Events Information

  • Harima


1-27, Akashikouen, Akashi-shi, Hyogo


By Car

  • Approximately 10 minutes from Second Shinmei Road Okuradani I.C.
  • Approximately 15 minutes from Second Shinmei Road Tamatsu I.C.

By Train

  • Approximately 5 minutes from Shinkansen Nishi-Akashi Station to JR Akashi Station
  • Approximatelty 5 minutes from JR / Sanyo Akashi Station

Events Information

Events Information

October 6 to October 7

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