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About Hyogo

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We easily access from the sky and the land

Hyogo is approximately central, and it can easily have access of Japan from both the sky and the land. We arrive in Kansai International Airport linked to world major cities in approx. 1hr. using express bus. As various railroads are available, it is convenient to go to cities such as Kyoto and Osaka, Hiroshima. Furthermore, we can go in approx. 2hr.50min. from Tokyo to Kobe in Shinkansen.

Climate that varies according to areas

High mountain affects the center of Hyogo, and climate is different from the south of this mountainous district in the north. The Seto Inland Sea side located the south has little precipitation, and dry day continues. Annual mean temperature is slightly higher than Tokyo. On the other hand, there is much Sea of Japan side located the north on cloudy weather and rainy day particularly there is much snowfall in winter. Because temperature is low, cold protection measures that we did well are necessary.

Charm of Hyogo attracting coming person

Hyogo has various charms to attract coming person. Himeji Castle registered with world's cultural heritage and Western-style building built early in the 1900s are tourist attractions that can feel the history and culture. Gourmets such as Kobe Beef, various Onsen including Arima Hot Spring are popular, too. Not only nature of the sea and mountain watches scenery with richness, too, but also can enjoy activities such as sea kayaking or ski. In addition, in Kobe, we purchase the latest fashion item in supercenter or outlet mall and can look for various souvenirs. We are known as port town, and beauty of night view is famous, too. It will be to be able to experience that is special that we can do it only here if we visit Hyogo.

  • Tenran Observatory (Kobe, Hanshin)

  • Himeji Castle (Harima)

  • Takeda Castle Ruins (Tajima)

  • Tachikui Sue-no-Sato (Tachikui Pottery Village) (Tamba)

  • Naruto whirlpools (Awaji)

  • Kobe Beef (Kobe, Hanshin)

  • Uonotana Shopping Arcade (Harima)

  • Hyogo Prefectural Homeland for the Oriental White Stork (Tajima)

  • Sasayama Castle O-shoin (Tamba)

  • Awaji Puppet Theater (Awaji)

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