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Seasonal highlight Autumn

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In fall, Hyogo Prefecture greets the foliage season, with the mountains bathed in color. The Tamba area in particular is dotted with shrines and temples with picturesque foliage, making it a great place to experience autumn. Hyogo Prefecture also has a varied topography, so there are many famous sites of waterfalls. Many tourists come to see the waterfalls bathed in foliage. Sites like Nunobiki Waterfall, Harafudo Waterfall, and Tendaki Waterfall have been selected as among Japan’s 100 most scenic waterfalls. In later fall, a sea of clouds creates a signature view of Takeda Castle emerging out of the sky of clouds.

Nunobiki Falls / colored leaves (Kobe, Hanshin)

Nunobiki Waterfall in Kobe is a waterfall located along the Ikutagawa River, situated in the mountains along Shin-Kobe Station, a stop on the bullet train line. It is chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls", and, as for "the Nunobiki Falls," Ontaki Falls is mei* of 43m in height of with generic name of waterfall of four of Ontaki Falls, Mentaki Falls, Meotodaki Falls, Tutumigadaki Falls. In fall, the trees on the mountain are bathed in color, and you can see the waterfall surrounded by foliage.


Nada Fighting Festival (Nada no Kenka Matsuri) (Harima)

The Nada Kenka Festival is the vernacular name for a fall festival held at Matsubara-Hachiman Shrine in Shirahama-cho, Himeji. The name “kenka” (fight) comes from the fact that this unusual festival involves striking portable shrines against each other. The festival is held every October 14th and 15th, with three shrines striking each other and seven floats parading the streets. This thronging scene enchants onlookers.


Sea of clouds (Tajima) of Takeda Castle Ruins

The remains of Takeda Castle in Asago are located on a mountaintop 353m above sea level. In some seasons, the remains appear to be floating above the clouds, so it is referred to as “the castle in the sky.” In the early morning on clear days in fall through winter, a fog develops that causes Takeda Castle to appear to float out of the clouds.


Tamba maple Miyama / Entsuji Temple (tamba)

It is dotted with temples where colored leaves are beautiful in Tamba City, and colored leaves circulation around 9 ke temples call Entsuji Temple in particular, Sekiganji Temple, Kogenji Temple of popularity tamba maple Miyama badly, and person that there is many visits. It is a signature sight of Japan to see the foliage decorating the three-story pagoda and the ponds in the temples. The fall foliage is at its best each November, with some temples holding special events.


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