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Seasonal highlight Winter

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In Hyogo of Winter, delicious gourmet is full. Oyster of queen crab and the Seto Inland Sea of the Sea of Japan, tiger pufferfish of Awaji Island, Botan-nabe of Tamba reach season. He/she treats you with warm food served in a pot and Onsen in Japanese-style inns. In addition, sake brewer reaches public performance, and the training of young sake is carried out in sake brewery of each place. We can observe sake brewing depending on sake brewery. There is West Japan eminent Ski resort in the northern part of Hyogo and can enjoy winter sports.

The flavor of Japanese sake

Delicious sake must be made with good rice and good water. Not only is Hyogo a producer of the king of brewer's rice, Yamada Nishiki, but it is also home to many famous freshwater sources.One could say that it has been truly blessed by the sake gods. How about treating yourself to some delicious sake that rewards all five senses and expresses all of the five flavors?


Oyster (Harima)

Because Oyster of west Harima is brought up in abundant nutrition flowing from the Ibo River and the Chikusa River, we grow up from early summer before we can ship about for half a year. Therefore we are called "one year Oyster" and are texture that we did without shrinking even if the body which grew up in husk full heats if muscular. Sweetness and flavor of Oyster spread to fill the mouth and are alias called "milk of the sea".


Ski resort (Tajima)

It is in snowiness zone where it is unusual for the southwestern part of Japan that periodic wind that took in a large quantity of steam from the Sea of Japan hits mountain as for the Tajima Area located in the northern part of Hyogo and brings much snow. A lot of Ski resort which is unique in Tajima thanks to the grace. Kannabe Kogen Ski resort in Toyooka City, bee plateau Ski resort of Yabu City are West Japan outstanding Ski resort.


Botan-nabe (Tamba)

Botan-nabe which stewed wild boar meat with plentiful vegetables is popular food served in a pot of Winter of Tamba. With pan of miso taste, taste and soup stock of miso have feelings every shop. Because we serve wild boar meat like peony in plate, we are called Botan-nabe. Fresh wild boar meat of Tamba does not have smell and is popular when easy to eat.


Nada-Kuroiwa Narcissus Field (Awaji)

Awaji Island is known as one of Japan’s foremost locations for daffodils (narcissus). Nada-Kuroiwa Narcissus Field is one of Japan's three biggest spontaneous generation place of narcissus. In the whole area of steep slope following the Mt.yuzuruhasan yuzuruhasankara sea of the Awaji Island southern part, 5 million wild narcissus blooms in profusion for approximately 7ha. Narcissus of lemon yellow and contrast with the blue sea are wonderful. Flowering time is from the middle of December to the middle of February.


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