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The 38th large country temple and Tamba tea Festival
(第38回 大国寺と丹波茶まつり)

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Sasayama City "taste interval (ajima) area" is tea-growing district of Hyogo one.
Large country temple and Tamba tea Festival thank that the delicious first picked tea of this year was done and hold every year at time of the first picked tea of this year when they want customer fully to taste Tamba tea.
Other than Tamba journey to carry tea, sale of fresh vegetables, tea picking activities and pleasant events including tea-ceremony room are varied.
Please taste early summer of Shinoyama, Tanba leisurely.

June 2, 2018, 3rd from 10:00 to 16:00 * executing the event on a light rainy day 

‐Ota Hokkaido assembly (daidendokai) (only on Saturday, June 2): 12 teams applied for beforehand hold athletic meet in rice field.

‐Tea picking, hand massage activities (pay, from 10:00 to 13:00): We dry and massage Tamba tea which we picked by hand and can take home.

‐Tea daughter photography: We carry out photography of tea daughter (sightseeing in Shinoyama, Tanba ambassador) in tea plantation.

Events information

  • Tamba


Venue: Around village Hall of Ajimaoku, Sasayama-shi (sasayamashiajimaoku) tea, large country temple 
Subvenue: Hiroshi Park out of Tamba avenue 

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Sasayama City business and industry sightseeing section 




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By car

  • Turn right at "by car" Wakasa Maizuru Expressway "Tamba Sasayamaguchi I.C" exit, and turn right at next signal "Ajimashin" (ajimashin), approx. 10min.
    *As parking lot is limited, please use public institution as much as possible.

By train

  • It is ten minutes by shuttle bus (via JA Shinoyama, Tanba parking lot) free than the JR Fukuchiyama Line "Sasayamaguchi Station" getting off west exit to venue

Events information

Events information

 June 2, 2018 ... June 3, 2018

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