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Tokoji Temple 'Ta-asobi/Onie,' ceremony of praying for a bountiful harvest.

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At Tokoji Temple in Kasai City Manganji district, the ceremony of praying for a bountiful harvest 'Ta-asobi/Onie' is held at the evening on Jan.8th every year. Which is begun with the play of the 'Ta-asobi,' at the main hall, and "rice-growing process" praying for the bountiful harvest. "Onie" is the acts of Japanese red & blue demons 'Oni' act violently around the inside of temple throwing away the evil spirits, bad luck. 'Oni' sounds like 'evil' for many people, but here, it is said that they are the 'Gods' coming down from the mountain or far ocean to pray for the happiness of people. (Designated as the National important formlessness folk cultural assets)

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  • Harima


392, Kamimanganjicho, Kasai-shi, Hyogo

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Kasai City Tourism Association Kasai City government office oldness and creation department culture, sightseeing, the Sports Division



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By Car

  • Leave Chugoku Expressway Kasai IC, and turn left at right turn northing, mankyukosaten, divergence past at downhill path mountain public hall to the right. We go straight on and turn right on the way.

By Train

  • About 20 minutes by car from "Kitajo Station," about 60 minutes by Kobe Electric Railway from 'Kosoku-Kobe Shinkaichi' station.

Events Information

Events Information

From Wednesday, January 8, 2020 to Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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