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Candle Light of Yumura

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The 16th Candle Light of Yumura colors snow-white Yumura Onsen town with the light of candles.
Snow statues competition will be held at various places such as Pocket Park, Arayu and Yakushiyu Hiroba, and there will also be a music concert for visitors.
The candle lights and small snow statues at the approach to Shofukuji Temple and Yakushido, and various places in Yumura Onsen town will give you heartwarming welcome.

Events Information

  • Tajima


Yu, Shinonsen-cho, Hyogo

Contact Information

Reference Name

Shinonsen Town Society of Commerce and Industry Onsen Branch




By Car

  • Approximately 60 minutes from Yoka Hyonosen IC on Route 9

By Train

  • Approximately 25 minutes by Zentan Bus from JR Hamasaka Station
  • Approximately 75 minutes by Zentan Bus from JR Yoka Station

By Bus

  • Approximately 3 hours by Zentan Bus from Osaka, Kobe

Events Information

Events Information


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