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We send sightseeing information such as Kobe, Himeji, Kinosaki, Awaji and introduce the highlight information such as information of tourist attraction, Onsen, events.

Hyogo Tourism Bus

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This is a subsidy for foreign tourists who take chartered bus when traveling in Hyogo.

1.Terms of Use

  • A group of more than 10 foreign travelers who take chartered bus when traveling in Hyogo.
  • Be accompanied by a stay more than a night in accommodation in Hyogo.
  • Be accompanied by visit of two designated facilities in Hyogo. (include one paid or meal facility)


The number of travelers per one bus The maximum amount
More than 20 people 30,000 yen
less than 19 more than 10 people 15,000 yen

※Please see the following URL for more information. (External link) (Japanese)

Contact Us

  • HYOGO TOURISM BUREAU TEL: +81-78-361-7661
  • Hyogo Prefecture Tourism Exchange Division, International Tourism Bureau, Department of Industry and Labor TEL: +81-78-362-3340

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