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Yabu Shrine [Run Festival]
(養父神社の 【お走りまつり】)

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'Kawatogyo' shinto rutual


'Mikoshi no Neriai' shinto rutual parade of Yabu Shrine and Itsuki Shrine


Route map

 It is unique festival of Yabu Shrine, one of 3 great festivals in Tajima region.
 this is an unique festival telling the spring to Tamba region. People carry the heavy portable shrine 'Mikoshi' from Yabu shrine to Ituki shrine on foot, and 'Kawatogyo' shinto rutual acrossing the river while carrying heavy Mikoshi. It is said that because the heavy mikoshi is look like running lightly, this festival is named 'Ohashiri'(Run).
 It is said that the 1800 years long folk cultural assets of Yabu City.

Events Information

  • Tajima


〒. 667-0112
840, Yabuichiba, Yabu-shi, Hyogo

Contact Information

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Yabu Shrine




Yabu Shrine (external link)


By Train

  • From Osaka Station
    : JR limited express train ⇒ Yoka Station ⇒ Zentan Bus (building line) ⇒ adoptive father Myojin getting off, a 1-minute walk
  • Sannomiya Station
    : ⇒ Wadayama Station ⇒ Zentan Bus (Yoka Station line) which changes to JR limited express train at Amagasaki Station
     ⇒Adoptive father Myojin getting off, a 1-minute walk

Events Information

Events Information

April 18th(Sat) to April 19th(Sun) 2020
[Saturday and Sunday around April 15th,16th every year]

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