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The 10th anniversary Sweets Festival Eve

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Cake 1

Main street I in front of Toyooka Station
(Pedestrian zone)

Cake 2

Main Street II

Cake 3

'Gen-san,' the character of Genbudo Park Toyooka City

 Toyooka City in Hyogo prefecture, there is 'Nakashima Shrine,' the head shrine of all shrines 'Tajimamori-no Mikoto is enshrined,' the god of sweets. A lot of sweets traders worship this shrine, here is 'the roots of sweets.' with spreading the local heritage, tourism resources and local attractions to sweets traders and consumers nationwide, 'Sweets Festival Eve Festival' has been held as the project revitalizing the region and developing the Toyooka sweets industry.
 2020 is the Great Festival year for Nakashima shrine worshipping the god of sweets 'Tajimamori,' which is the 1950 year festival, the birth year of 'Tajimamori.' And so, Sweets Festival Eve Festival will also be the 10th anniversary year.
 It is rare Shinto shrine dedicated to God of sweets. 51 stores participated last year. Please enjoy while walking slowly.

※ Nakajima Shrine: Sweets Festival Annual Great Festival, April 19th(Sun) 2020

Events Information

  • Tajima


Daikai Street
[ Pedestrian zone between Toyooka City chuo town to Chiyoda town (Toyooka Station Shopping street) ]

Contact Information

Reference Name

The day before cake festival festival executive committee secretariat (Toyooka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)




Sweets Festival Eve Festival Executive committee (Link to Outside site)


By Car

  • Than Osaka, Kobe
    : [Chugoku Expressway] → [Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway] → [Kitakinki Toyo-Oka Expressway]
     →[Route 312] Approx. 2hr.20min.
  • From Himeji
    : [Bantan Renraku Toll Road] → [Route 312] approx. 1hr.50min.

By Train

  • From Osaka
    : Toyoka Station (JR limited express train) approx. 2hr.30min.
  • Than Kobe
    : Toyoka Station (JR limited express train) approx. 2hr.40min.

By Bus

  • From Osaka
    : [getting on at Hankyu third Avenue bus terminal] Approx. 3hr.
  • Than Kobe-Sannomiya
    : [getting on at Shinki Bus Sannomiya bus terminal] Approx. 3hr.

Events Information

Events Information

Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 10:00 to 15:30 (※ kasoshinsai from 9:20 to 9:50)

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