This site is official site (multiple languages version) of Hyogo Tourism Association of Hyogo of Japan.
We send sightseeing information such as Kobe, Himeji, Kinosaki, Awaji and introduce highlight information such as information of tourist attraction, Onsen, events.

Homepage renewal

It is the text from here.

In Hyogo Tourism Association, we publicized charm of Hyogo to foreign countries and renewed homepage for English, Korean, Chinese (Chinese Traditional, simplified Chinese character), French, 6 languages of Thai for the purpose of promoting attracting tourist.

Overview of renewal

It was solicitation power high and told charm of Hyogo to foreign tourist and planned improvement of information to support trip of Hyogo.

Top page design filled with a sense of the season

We publicize charm of The Four Seasons of Hyogo totally in top page and convey charm of seasonal Hyogo.


We deliver video for attractive digest publicizing charm of seasonal Hyogo in top page to convey charm of Hyogo for foreign tourist clearly.

Photos and Videos

We gather beautiful scenery of Hyogo and attractive videos and deliver to have foreign tourist who does not know Hyogo well feel charm of Hyogo with photograph and video.

Model courses / special topics

We perform the choice of model course being aware of taste of each country and making of features, the choice of photograph and deliver information with solicitation to foreign tourist.

Tourist attractions, facilities and useful tips

Including tourist attraction, the accommodations, information of Tourist Information Center and detailed information of free Wifi, ATM/Exchange counter, Kansai International Airport was enriched in information to be useful for trip.

Compatible with smart phones

As well as PC version, we assume information constitution that it is easy to search at the time of reading in soot Mart fonds and improve operability.

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