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Safety tips for travelers - Japan National Tourism

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Safety tips for travelers - Japan National Tourism

It is reporting application at disaster for foreigner tourists of the Japan Tourism Agency supervision that started offer from October, 2014 so that visit to Japan foreigner tourist travels in peace in Japan with many natural disasters. ・We can notify of the Earthquake Early Warning, tsunami warning in Japan, the weather special warning with push type and provide Links which can collect necessary information at the time of communication card, disaster to take information from correspondence flowchart and people in circumference that showed evacuation action according to surrounding.

■ Correspondence language 11 languages 12 language   

English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepalese

■ Application fee: Free on charge

■ The information Earthquake Early Warning, tsunami warning, the weather special warning, eruption notice, heat stroke information, national protection information such as ballistic missile discharge that push, and are notified of


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