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Himeji Castle Festival

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Himeji castle Festival is festival of civic participation type held around Himeji Castle.

Bonfire noh and great parade by Queen and samurai of Himeji castle. Stage events and activities events, various events including good point love dance that team participates in from the whole country are held at the same time by citizen's group!
There are branches such as eating and drinking booth or local gourmet, too.

Events information

  • Harima


Himeji-shi, Hyogo

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Himeji castle Festival hosankaijimukyoku






Himeji castle Festival (External link)


By train

  • It is approximately three hours nine minutes for wish from Tokyo
  • It is approx. 1hr.30min. from Kyoto
    It is approximately 60 minutes from Osaka
    It is approx. 40min. from Sannomiya
    New high speed

Events information

Events information

May 12, 2018 ... May 14, 2018

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