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Prepare for Typhoon Approach

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Be aware of progress of the typhoon

Typhoon Kong-rey (No. 25) is expected to go north of the East China Sea and approach North Kyushu in the morning of 6th. Please check the latest information on the tyhoon when you go out. In addition, delays and cancellations of transportation, closures of commercial and tourist facilities may have been caused due to weather condition. In such case please cancel your plan and stay at your hotel.

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Characteristic of Typhoon

When typhoons occur, the right semicircle of progress is said to be danger. In Hyogo prefecture, it is more dangerous to pass through Okayama than Osaka and Wakayama. Typhoons tend to develop and get to its strongest, then weaken sometime soon after. The passing time depends on the speed of the typhoon, but please do not panic and wait for it to pass through at a safe place.


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