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Castle in the Sky – Takeda Castle Ruins

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Castle in the Sky – Takeda Castle Ruins

Now is the best time to see the floating castle, when the temperature difference between day and night is about 10 degrees, the morning mist of Maruyama River forms around the castle at sunrise to 8am.






The most popular viewing spot is from Ritsuunkyo on the mountain slopes opposite the castle. You can reach Ritsuunkyo's parking lot by car, after which a steep dirt trail winds up the mountain with multiple observation decks along its course. The lower decks can be reached in a few steps from the parking lot, but the best views are from viewpoints 1 and 2, which are 30-40 minutes up the trail. Prepare a flashlight, a raincoat, and something warm to wear, and enjoy the spectacular view!




Or, climb up to Takeda Castle and surround yourself with the sea of clouds. At the moment, you can only reach the castle from one side (40mins walk from Takeda Station) due to the heavy rain in July, but the other side of the castle (Yamashiro-no-sato route) should be reopened in November, please check their website for more information.


Experience yourself the stunning view and atmosphere, which cannot possibly be transmitted in the picture!


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