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Awaji Area

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Place that crossed world's longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from Kobe is Awaji Island. Awaji Island is said to be the Japanese birthplace in country bearing a child myth and is dotted with famous places of connection including Izanagai-jingu Shrine yaonokoro Shinto shrine. Of the 360-degree sea is surrounded, and is famous as "island of flower" where narcissus and field mustard, seasonal flower including tulip invite Awaji Island blessed with warm climate in Seto to. In addition, Japanese puppet drama with the history of 500 years is staged in Awaji Puppet Theater and can sense traditional arts of Japan bodily.

Naruto whirlpools

Onaruto bridge of 1,629m in total length to link Shikoku to Awaji Island and view of the world's largest whirling current for 30m in diameter to change expression for an instant in instant are highlights of sightseeing in Awaji at force perfect score. We raise roaring sound, and it is daring, and there is whirling current observation ship to go sight-seeing in around cruising ship and approx. 1hr. whirling current running into one of flow to swirl, Kanrin Maru and can enjoy view from ship.


Awaji Yume Butai and Hyakudan-en

Compound facility which was designed for the purpose of bringing digging ruins of the earth and sand to life by world-famous architect, Tadao Ando. In facility letting you image coexistence with nature, it is dotted with facilities such as greenhouse "Kiseki-no-hoshi-no-shokubutsukan" largest in beach and Japan of shellfish made of shellfishs of 1 million pieces of scallops. 100 flower beds, Hyakudan-en which formed a line step-like along slope of mountain is keishokuzetsu of the best part.


Awaji Puppet Theater

Japanese puppet drama which is traditional arts of Japan is inherited in Awaji Island now. We can watch performance of Japanese puppet drama in Awaji Puppet Theater with the history of approximately 500 years. Technique to handle doll is very artistic. There is sound guide of foreign language, too. We display doll and document with Awaji Japanese puppet drama building in neighborhood.


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