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Harima Area

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Mainly on national treasure, Himeji Castle registered with UNESCO world's cultural heritage, it is dotted with historic spot and famous places. Let's take a walk through Ako Castle Ruins and Castle town of Tatsuno, Japanese historic cityscape including post town, flat fortune. We can buy fresh fishery products of the Seto Inland Sea including Akashi-dai in Uonotana Shotengai of Akashi City. In addition, way extending to Ginzan, Ikuno from Himeji is place where first Japanese high speed industrial road was built and is dotted with famous places as "silver carriage drive".

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle registered with world's cultural heritage of the first Japanese UNESCO is approved fine castle in the world in castle existing in Japan. It is got close in the name of "Shirasagi Castle" by white wall of hakuurushikuisotokagozo and looks down at town with elegant figure. Repair construction for 5 years is over and makes its grand opening in March, 2015. The view from the keep is impressive.


Engyoji Temple on Mt. Shoshazan

On the climax of 371m above see level, it is temple of Tendai sect called "west Mt. Hiei-zan". You can try Shojin cuisine and Zazen meditation at the temple. Scenery which building harmonizes with if a lot of highlight including grand hall constructed in stage structure and the Muromachi era similar to Kiyomizu-dera Temple of Kyoto is natural is wonderful. It becomes location of samurai in movie, the last and is used for TV and filming of movie.


Uonotana Shotengai

We are called "uontana" in hometown and are mall where fresh seafood of the Seto Inland Sea forms a line. In arcade of 350m in total length, shop of approximately 100 links the eaves around fresh fish shop and marine products shop. For fresh Akashi-dai and Akashi dako fried in lunch network, it is full of local shopper and tourists. We can sense atmosphere of traditional fish market of Japan bodily.


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