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Free Wi-Fi


When KANSAI Free Wi-Fi performs continuance in Kansai area, procedure of the certification of local government for free Wi-Fi in area is application to become needless.

Operational area is free Wi-Fi area that the local government of Kansai interjurisdictional affiliation constitution prefectures city provides, and, commencing with Hyogo Free Wi-Fi, the use is possible in higher than 10,000 places including Osaka Free Wi-Fi and KYOTO Free Wi-Fi, KOBE Free Wi-Fi.

Usage of KANSAI Free Wi-Fi (English) (PDF: 3,476KB)

Usage of KANSAI Free Wi-Fi (simplified Chinese character) (PDF: 854KB)

"Detailed (English version) of KANSAI Free Wi-Fi" (External link)

ATM service

In ATM installed in post office, station, convenience store, there are withdrawals of Japanese Yen by credit card which financial institution out of Japan issued or bank card. As kind and available time for card which is available for the handling vary each, please see each Web site.

Japan Post Bank

There is ATM of Japan Post Bank in station and supermarket, convenience store "FamilyMart" including post office. Some ATM is available for 24 hours, but may not be available on account of the setting place.

JAPAN POST BANK International ATM Service (External link)


Seven Bank

ATMs are installed at Seven-Eleven convenience stores, airports and stations. ATMs in Seven-Eleven stores are available 24 hours a day. (there is store which is not ※ some open 24 hours.) ATMs’ screens and receipts support 12 languages and inquiries can be made in English with interphones of ATMs.

SEVEN BANK ATMs (External link)


ATM is set up by "Don Quijote" of "FamilyMart" and discount shop of convenience store. The expenditures of Japanese Yen are possible by bank card and credit card issued abroad 24 hours a day, every day.

E-net (External link)

Lawson ATM

In ATM installed in "Lawson" of convenience store, we can draw Japanese Yen anytime. One expenditures ceiling is 50,000 yen, and available store varies according to kind of card.

LAWSON-ATM (External link)

lawsonjikki lawsoncard


"Aeon Mall" of shopping mall and "MaxValu of supermarket," ATM is installed in "MINISTOP" of convenience store. Available time varies according to business hours of store.

AEON Bank (External link)


Can exchanging foreign currency to Japanese Yen at bank and store displaying "money changer of official recognition" signature. Rate changes to change of the money market every day. Bank of arrival lobby of Narita Airport and Haneda Airport provides foreign currency exchange service, too. Tourist can go to Japan without having money of Japan.

Exemption from taxation, Duty-Free shops

Consumption tax (8%) is included when we purchase product in Japan. But overseas tourist is exempted from consumption tax according to procedures such as department store, household appliances shop, discount store.

Person who is targeted for exemption from taxation

  • Foreigner who stayed in Japan within six months
  • Residence status of passport is "diplomacy" or "official" (entry to Japan applies even before six months or more)

Product which is targeted for exemption from taxation

The total of the following amounts of money of store same on the same day

  1. General article... More than 10,001 yen
  2. Expendable supplies * ... 5,001 yen - 500,000 yen * expendable supplies: Food and drink and pharmaceutical products and cosmetics

Exemption from taxation procedure

  1. At the time of the purchase, please submit passport at check-out counter (as for the copy, impossible).
  2. We attach "export of consumption tax, exemption products record" card to passport, and the customs authorities collect at the time of departure.
  3. Please submit purchase contract indicating leaving Japan at the time of the departure to shop.
  4. We are targeted for exemption from taxation with the proviso that expendable supplies are taken within 30 days from date of purchase by Japan and are wrapped by appointed method.

Shop which can receive consumption tax exemption

List introduces shop which can receive consumption tax exemption.

Japan .Tax-free Shop (External link)

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