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(波賀不動滝公園 楓香荘)

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Exterior view

Every season offers something special at this hot-spring spa hotel. Gather wild edible plants in the spring, enjoy fishing and camping in the summer, and pick apples and enjoy autumn colored leaves. The hotel is just a 15-minute walk to Harafudo Falls, chosen as one of Japan’s '100 Best Waterfalls'.
The panoramic view is breathtaking from the open-air bath, whose natural radium is beneficial to rheumatic disease, post-injury complications and arteriosclerosis.
The restaurant inside the hotel 'Haga no Sato', offers specialties such as 'Mugi Tororo (grated yam) Meal', Kaiseki (multi-course Japanese fine dining) and boar hotpot.

Facility Information

  • Harima


625 Hara, Haga-cho, Shiso-shi, Hyogo

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By Car

  • Approximately 45 minutes from Yamasaki I.C. on Chugoku Expressway

By Train

  • Approximately 2 hours by bus from Himeji Station

By Bus

  • Approximately 15 minutes on foot from Shinki Bus Hara bus stop

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