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Where to Stay

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Hyogo has comfortable Hotels, Japanese-style inns which taste of the real Japan can taste, the attractive accommodations including friendly guest house and pension with convenience. In all facilities, we should be able to spend comfortable time by best service and hospitality. Please look for the favorite accommodations.


In Hyogo, there are city hotel and budget hotel which are convenient for both business and sightseeing, resort hotel where first-class service is received, various types of Hotels including luxury Hotels. As price range is wide, and plan and option are substantial, we can choose in total favorite Hotels as needs of budget and trip.


Japanese-style inns

Japanese-style inns is the traditional Japanese style accommodation. Room is Japanese-style room mainly, and style to lay futon on the tatami mat is mainstream. There is much Japanese-style inns which full-course meal of Onsen and banquet dishes can enjoy and we change into yukata and can relax. The specialized staff arrives every room, and what is received features service of tea and meal, warm hospitality including loading and unloading of futon.


Alternative accomodation

Guest house and pension are generally small, and facility contents are plain, but it is attractive that service that it is easy to get close to with comparative low charge is received. A lot of facilities where family and hotel guests of owner eat together in dining room are good to person who wants to enjoy communication. Because he/she meets person to visit like family, there are many hotel guests visiting the same facility repeatedly.


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