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Tamba Area

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Tamba Area located in central part of Hyogo is characterized by rural scenery and is place that can meet original scenery of farm village of Japan. It is area where brand farm products are produced, and Tamba Black beans, Tamba Chestnuts, Tamba Matsutake Mushroom is high-quality ingredient of Japanese dishes which it is useful in restaurant of Kyoto. Sasayama is known as Castle town and is area where traditional Japanese cityscape remains. It is classic sightseeing course that a lot of famous spots of colored leaves go round shrines and temples which Autumn is colored leaf, and changes color. Tanba-yaki Ware with the history of 800 years features simple taste and can enjoy ceramic art activities.

Sasayama Castle/Daisho-in

Sasayama Castle Ruins is Japanese outstanding Castle Ruins, and magnificent stone wall is left now. Current O-shoin displays state of construction of a castle of Sasayama Castle, the formation of Castle town in building rebuilt in April, 2000. Castle Ruins among outer moats full of water to the brim is still known as famous spot of cherry tree. Japanese traditional cityscape remains as Castle town, and mansions of samurai can observe the outskirts.


Tachikui Sue-no-Sato (Tachikui Pottery Village)

One, Tanba-yaki Ware of ceramics kiln which is the oldest in Japan. In Tachikui Sue-no-Sato, ceramic art activities which can enjoy clay work and painting is made. In addition, there is "Kamamoto-Yokocho" which museum which can learn the history and technique of Tanba-yaki Ware, 55 earthenware of pottery can purchase in hall. The outskirts are dotted with potteries of Tanba-yaki Ware, and it is recommended to take a walk through alley lined with potteries.


Tamba maple Miyama

It is dotted with temples where colored leaves are beautiful in Tamba City, and call Entsuji Temple in particular, Sekiganji Temple, Kogenji Temple that colored leaves circulation around 9 ke temples is popular with tamba maple Miyama, and person that there is many visits. Including colored leaves shining in colored leaves coloring triple tower, pond of the precincts is very tasteful. There is temple where events is performed in about November every year at time of colored leaves.

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