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Tajima Beef Festival

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Tajima Beef

Liquor Festival

Bride line

[eat up from unrivaled article "Tajima Beef" roast to hormone and is 200 people BBQ!]
We choose part of hormone and meat freely and purchase and establish BBQ section that we can eat.
As cooker, charcoal, all the nets are provided for venue, we sit down and bake and eat.
There is Tajima Beef set advance ticket, too.

[liquor Festival of Tajima To-ji] is held in venue, too.
Special dishes of Tajima To-ji working on brewing in each place form a line.

On the day [bride line] that reproduced wedding in cow carriage of Tajima Beef which we decorated with flower saddle and necklace is appearance.
In addition, speaking of sweets of Tajima "horse chestnut."
We hold [Tajima horse chestnut rice cake Festival] to Tajima "beef Festival".
In addition to traditional horse chestnut rice cake, we are developing the latest horse chestnut sweets toward the day of the festival.

Events Information

  • Tajima


1033, Tando, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo


By Train

  • Bus 20 minutes town-managed from JR Hamasaka Station
  • It is 60 minutes in Zentan Bus from JR Yoka Station

By Bus

  • It is approx. 3hr.30min. by limited express bus from Osaka
  • It is three hours 20 minutes by limited express bus from Kobe-Sannomiya

Events Information

Events Information

September 23, 2018

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