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Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine Toka Ebisu Festival
(西宮神社 十日えびす大祭)

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The main building
Four gods become quiet in main hall of three Kasuga Shrine-style structure.

The large front gate

Constructed in Muromachi Period (1336–1573 AD)

Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine is the head shrine consecrated to Ebisu, the God of happiness. It is affectionately known as "Ebessan" to locals. Every year from January 9 to 11, a festival called 'Toka Ebisu' is held to pray for prosperity in business. On January 10th, a ceremony is held to choose three "Fukuotoko" - Lucky men. At 6am on the January 10th when the gate is opened, the pilgrims race to the main temple building. The first three to reach the temple are the 'Fukuotoko' of the year. Also a large Maguro (tuna) is offered to Ebisu. Many fair stalls are held every year and bustle with many people.

Events Information

  • Kobe/Hanshin Area


1-17 Shake-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo

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Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine






Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine (External link)


By Train

  • Approximately 8 minutes from JR Sakurashukugawa Station

Events Information

Events Information

From January 9 to January 11

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