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New Year's Noh 'Okina'

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Noh drama is performed at 20 minutes after midnight on New Year's Day at Kasuga-jinja Shrine. Nogaku, or Noh drama, is a traditional performing art of Japan. This performance is a Shinto rite for the New Year in Sasayama City. The Noh drama 'Okina' is performed with the wish that the New Year will bring happiness.

Events Information

  • Tamba


75 Kurooka, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

Contact Information

Reference Name

Sasayama City Commerce and Industry




Sasayama City Sightseeing Information (External link)


By Car

  • Approximately 10 minutes from Tannan-Sasayamaguchi I.C.

Events Information

Events Information

From January 1 to January 1

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