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Manto-no-Hi Festival

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Manto-no-Hi means "fire of ten thousand lamps." This fire festival kicks off at dusk as the people of the Mitani district dance as a votive offering for good health and a bumper harvest. The dancers scatter sparks as they swing and twirl their torches. About 60 torches are swung around in the course of an hour. This is an incredibly dynamic festival.

Events information

  • Tajima


Kasumikumitani, Kami-cho, Hyogo

Contact information

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Kasumi, Kami-cho tourist association






Kasumi, Kami-cho tourist association (External link)


By car

  • It is approx. 1hr.10min. from Yokahyonosen I.C.
  • It is approximately five minutes by taxi from JR San'in Main Line Kasumi Station

By train

  • It is approximately five minutes by taxi from JR San-in Line Kasumi Station

Events information

Events information

The end of July

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