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Ako Loyal Retainer Festival

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Bringing the Chushingura parade to a dramatic finish is the precession of the gishi, the lord's loyal retainers.
The march to Sengaku-ji Temple of the performers dressed as the 47 ronin is the highlight of the parade.


Lords of Edo-era Japan were obliged to travel periodically to Edo (now Tokyo). The procession of the daimyo (lord) reenacts the procession of the lord of the Ako clan to Edo.


The parade floats reproducing scenes from Chushingura are a thrilling sight.

The Ako Loyal Retainer Festival enacts scenes from Chushingura featuring the stars of the tale, the 47 loyal retainers of Ako. This tale is one of the best-loved stories of the Japanese people. The City of Ako is the home of Ako Castle, where the loyal retainers of Ako lived. The festival is held on December 14, the anniversary of the date when the 47 ronin achieved their revenge. Performers parade through the city streets dressed as samurai warriors. This scene reenacts the vengeance of the loyal retainers of Ako.

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  • Harima


Kamikariya, Akou-shi, Hyogo

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By car

  • It is approx. 10min. from Ako I.C.
  • It is approx. 15min. from JR Ako Line Banshu-Ako Station on foot

By train

  • It is approx. 15min. from JR Ako Line Banshu-Ako Station on foot

Events information

Events information

December 14 ... December 14

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