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Food & Drink

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In the north, the Sea of Japan, the south face the Seto Inland Sea, the Pacific, and Hyogo having the topography and climate full of changes is place blessed with ingredients. Seafood such as Kobe Beef and Jibie dish, riches of the soil, queen crab and Akashi-dai, Oyster, globefish including Tamba Black beans, matsutake mushroom is representative ingredients. In addition, there are many old sake breweries of the history in Hyogo in area where sake brewing is prosperous. Besides, Kobe sweets and Katsumeshi, local gourmet such as Himeji Oden are riots, too.

Kobe Beef

Speaking of gourmet who wants to recommend to you most in Kobe, it is Kobe Beef. Kobe beef is one of Japan’s signature beefs and is one of the highest grades available. It melts in your mouth, offering a high quality and sweet-tasting touch of fat. You will find many shops in Kobe serving delicious Kobe beef. The taste of Kobe beef has enchanted people worldwide. Try it for yourself.


Nada Gogo (Nada Sake)

Nadagogo is the location with a collection of sake brewers that represent Japan. Water suitable for sake structure called Miya-mizu Nada springs out. Here, visitors can enjoy the sights of a town with sake breweries. Numerous facilities related to sake brewing can be found here. There are a number of facilities that offer sake-brewing tours and exhibit materials related to sake brewing. At some of the facilities it is possible to try the Japanese sake brewed there.



Matuba gani

It is snow crab produced in the Sea of Japan of Matuba ganitoha North Hyogo. Because figure of crab looked like pine needle, there was the name. It is crab which Matuba Gani is very sweet, and is delicious. We can eat Matuba Gani only during period from November to March. It is provided in Japanese-style inns and restaurant of Tajima area. We can taste with food served in a pot or sashimi.



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