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Food & Drink

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Hyogo prefecture with the North facing the Japanese Sea, the South facing the Seto Inland Sea, and ever-changing geographical features and climate, is an area rich in foodstuff. Typical foods include Kobe beef, food of the mountain such as wild game, Tamba black soy beans, and matsutake mushroom, as well as sea food such as snow crab, sea bream, oysters, and fugu (puffer fish). Moreover, Hyogo prefecture is an area where a lot of sake is made, and there are many historical sake breweries. In addition, there is a wide variety of gourmet foods, including Kobe sweets, cutlet and rice combo meals, and Himeji-style hot-pot dish.

Kobe Beef

The top gourmet dish recommended in Kobe is Kobe beef, which is the highest grade of Japanese beef famous to Japan. The fat that marbles Kobe beef is of such unmatched quality that it melts in the mouth with an ineffable sweetness. The town of Kobe has many shops that offer delicious Kobe beef. Relish the finest taste that charms people worldwide.


Nada Gogo (Nada Sake)

Nada Gogo is a place dotted with Japanese sake breweries typical of Japan. Water suited to Japanese sake making called ‘miyamizu’ springs out of the ground. Here, you can enjoy the townscape featuring sake breweries. There are also museums about sake making dotted about. The museums offer sake brewery tours, and display material used for sake making. There are also places where you can taste sake.



Matsuba crab

Matsuba crab refers to the snow crab caught in the Japanese sea to the North of Hyogo prefecture. The crab is named after its pine needle-like appearance. Sweet and delicious, Matsuba crab can be eaten during the period from November to March. The crabs are offered by Japanese inns and restaurants in the Tajima area, and can be tasted in dishes such as hot-pots and sashimi.



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