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Tada Silver/Copper Mine Yukyu-no-Yakata
(多田銀銅山 悠久の館)

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You can learn history of Tada Silver/Copper Mine.

Enjoy walking underground.

The Tada Silver/Copper Mine is one of the oldest mine in Japan. Inagawa Town once prospered around the mine, called "Mine built 3,000 houses". At Yukyu-no-Yakata, history of Tada Silver/Copper Mine such as illustrated maps, records, mineral ores and mining tools are on display. You can take a walk in Aoki-mabu, underground tunnels between 9:00 to 17:00, where the bedrock at the time is still remained.

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  • Kobe/Hanshin Area
  • History, culture | Activities


4-1 Nagayamae, Ginzan, Inagawa-cho

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Tada Silver/Copper Mine Yukyu-no-Yakata




Inagawa Town (External link)


By Train

  • Approximately a 10-minute bus ride from Nissei Chuo Station on Nose Electric Railway Nissei Line

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