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Onokorojima-jinja Shrine

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According to Japanese myth, Awaji Island is believed to be the origin of Japan. Onokorojima-jinja Shrine is consecrated to the god Izanagi and the goddess Izanami, creators of Awaji Island and the land of Japan. It is said that the god Izanagi and the goddess Izanami wed on this spot, so Onokorojima-jinja is known as the deities of marriage. The great red Torii arch with a hight of 21.7m is a landmark of Awaji Island.

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  • Awaji
  • History, Culture


415 Shimohada, Enami, Minamiawaji-shi, Hyogo

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Onokorojima-jinja Shrine




Onokorojima-jinja Shrine (External link)


By Car

  • Approximately 10 minutes from Seidan-Mihara I.C. on Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway

By Train

  • Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes by bus from JR Sannomiya Station

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(30 minutes unit)


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No holidays

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