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Awajishima 'Seven Deities of Good Luck'

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Old historic temple of the Shingon sect, the head temple of Awaji Island 'Seven Deities of Good Luck'. 'Daikokuten', god of wealth is worshiped.

'Fukurokuju', god of happiness, wealth, and long life is worshiped.

'Hoteison', god of good fortune is enshrined.

There are 7 temples which worship 7 Gods called 'Shitifukujin' in Awaji Island. They are pictured as riding a ship called 'Takarabune', treasure ship, and Awaji Island is considered as 'Takarabune'. The seven temples are Hachijo-ji, Hosho-ji and Chizen-ji in Awaji City, and Kakuju-ji, Manpuku-ji and Gokoku-ji in Minami-Awaji City, and Chorin-ji in Sumoto City. It is belived to bring you good fortune if you visit all the seven temples, and at the same time you can tour around Awaji Island.

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