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Nature & Scenic spots

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Wedged between the sea and the mountains, Hyogo prefecture is dotted with many spots rich in nature. The superb scenery of the seasons can be viewed in each area, with pretty flowers such as cherry blossoms, rapeseed blossoms, and tulips in spring, the coastal beauty of the Japanese Sea and Seto Inland Sea in summer, autumnal leaves in fall, and snowscapes in winter. Kobe boasts popular photo spots including a million dollar nightscape, beautiful coastline of the San’in Kaigan Geopark and Ieshima island chain, Temples of Tamba to view the autumnal leaves, and flower island- Awaji Island.

Three temples of brilliant red maple leaves of Tamba (Kogenji Temple)

The Tamba area is dotted with temples and shrines considered famous places for viewing the autumnal leaves (koyo). Among which, Kogen Temple is counted as one of the recommended places of the Tamba Koyo Sanzan. Within the temple precinct are many buildings of historical interest. Feel free to stroll through the temple as you survey the fiery colors of the leaves. The three-storied pagoda and scenery with autumnal leaves are particularly popular photo spots. The best time to view the autumnal leaves is around November.


Rokko Garden Terrace (Rokko-Shidare Observatory)

Rokko Alpine Garden is located in the top of Mount Rokko. The Garden has restaurants, café, and shops selling miscellaneous goods. There is an observatory that is popular for its nightscape. During the day, the observatory commands a view of Akashi Kaikyou Bridge and Kansai International Airport. The Rokko-shidare is an observatory built using Japanese cypress.On entering the observatory, the visitor is engulfed with the smell of Japanese cypress.


Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork

Researches at Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork have been working to protect and increase the population of 'konotori' Oriental white storks. Konotori is designated as the prefectural bird of Hyogo Prefecture. Toyooka city where the park is located, was the Oriental stork’s last habitat in Japan. Since September 2005, efforts have been made to bring konotori back to wild. The park has an observatory where konotori can be observed up close.



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