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Hyogo prefecture, comprised of the five former provinces of Settsu, Harima, Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji, has many "onsens" or "hot springs" which are institutions that have provided healing and relaxation for Japanese people since ancient times. Arima Onsen, located about 30 minutes from Kobe and Osaka, is Japan's oldest well-known hot spring, and has comforted many great men of Japanese history. Bathing in each of the seven outdoor hot springs at Kinosaki Onsen, located in the Tajima region, is a very popular activity. At Yumura Onsen, visitors can cook eggs to make "onsen tamago" or "slow-boiled eggs" in the 98℃ water that gushes forth from the springs. Other than those, there are onsen with ocean views, onsen built along the sides of valleys, and a plethora of other unique onsen waiting for your visit.

Arima Onsen

Arima Onsen is one of the Onsen which is the oldest in Japan. We can go by car which is hot spring resort on behalf of Japan from Kyoto from Osaka and Kobe within one hour for 30 minutes. The hot springs here that are referred to as “gold springs” have a very high iron content so are a reddish brown color. A walk through the resort with its souvenir shops and restaurants is recommended. Delicious local meals can be enjoyed at the Japanese inns.



Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen is said to have been discovered by an Oriental stork around 1400 years ago. The location is very beautiful with willows that bloom alongside the Otani River. With wooden Japanese inns, the site remains a traditional Japanese hot spring resort. Kinosaki Onsen resort style offers 7 public baths rather than baths in Japanese inns. Visit the 7 public baths wearing a yukata (light cotton summer kimono).


Sumoto Onsen

Sumoto Onsen is a largest hot spring resort on Awaji Island. In 1993, a new natural hot spring was discovered. The open-air baths of the Japanese inn enable you to bathe in the hot spring while looking out at the sea. The hot spring water is clear, and considered very good for the skin. The Japanese inns and hotels offer fresh and delicious seafood caught on Awaji Island to enjoy.




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