This site is official site (multiple languages version) of Hyogo Tourism Association of Hyogo in Japan.
We send sightseeing information such as Kobe, Himeji, Kinosaki, Awaji and introduce the highlight information such as information of tourist attraction, Onsen, events.

AITAI HYOGO - Hyogo Sightseeing Campaign

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What is "AITAI"?

There is Hyogo wanting to see you.

In Japanese, it means "I want to see".
Hyogo is often described as "A miniature of Japan", as there are nature to the city, mountains to the sea, historical buildings to the latest technology in Hyogo. We named our sightseeing campaign "AITAI HYOGO" with a meaning "You can meet something you've been looking for if you visit Hyogo". By this campaign, we set a theme each season and introduce various sight-seeing spots, food, and events in Hyogo.

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