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Highlights in Autumn

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In autumn, the leaves turn red in the mountains in Hyogo and delight our eyes. Especially Tamba is dotted with shrines and temples with beautiful autumn leaves, making it one of the best places to enjoy colored leaves. Also having various geographical features, there are a lot of famous waterfalls in Hyogo. Nunobiki Falls and Hara-Fudodaki Falls, Tendaki Falls are chosen as "100 Best Waterfalls in Japan". Many people come to see the autumn leaves and waterfalls. As autumn deepens, superb view of a sea of clouds can be seen. Particularly Takeda Castle Ruins is famous as "Castle in the Sky".

Colored Leaves at Nunobiki Falls (Kobe, Hanshin)

Nunobiki Falls in Kobe City flows through Ikuta River midstream, located at the mountain side of Shin-Kobe Station where Shinkansen stops. Nunobiki Falls is chosen as "100 Best Waterfalls in Japan", and it consists of four falls; Ontaki Falls, Mentaki Falls, Meotodaki Falls and Tsutsumigadaki Falls. Ontaki Falls is especially famous with its 43m in height. In autumn, the leaves turn red and you can enjoy good combination of colored leaves and waterfalls.


Nada Fighting Festival (Harima)

Nada no Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festival) is a common name of annual festival at Matsubara-Hachiman Shrine in Shirahama-cho, Himeji City. It's a rare festival that Mikoshi (miniature shrine) are striked each other, just as it's name. The festival is held every year on October 14th and 15th, and Shinto Ritual that three Mikoshi are smashed into each other, and "Yatai-Neri", seven floats are drawn about the town wildly, are the highlight of the festival.


A Sea of Clouds at Takeda Castle Ruins (Tajima)

Takeda Castle Ruins in Asago City is one of the most famous Yamashiro (mountain castle), built on top of the mountain of an elevation of 353 meters. Depending on the season, it looks like the castle is floating on the clouds, and often called "Castle in the Sky". Especially on sunny early mornings in autumn to winter, morning fog tends to occur and Takeda Castle Ruins is wrapped in a sea of clouds. It's a breathtaking view and worth of the name of "Castle in the Sky".


Tamba Momiji Sanzan / Entsuji Temple (Tamba)

In Tamba City it is dotted with temples where colored leaves are beautiful in autumn, and touring famous 9 temples is popular thing to do. Especially Entsuji Temple, Sekiganji Temple, Kogenji Temple are called Tamba Momiji Sanzan (Three temples of red maple leaves in Tamba), and attract a lot of people. Autumn leaves with a three-storied pagoda, or with a pond in the precincts, are very tasteful and elegant. The best time for colored leaves is in November, and seasonal events are held in some temples.


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