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Highlights in Spring

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In the spring, we recommend you to go around the places famous for flowers. There are many locations for beautiful cherry blossoms in Hyogo. Along Furusato Sakura-Zutsumi Kairo, riverside pavement of 1.7million kilometers stretched between Seto Island Sea and Sea of Japan, there are 50,000 cherry trees planted. The blossoming of these trees tells the start of spring in Hyogo. Also rape blossoms, tulips, alpine plants and wisterias gradually come into blossom. Gourmet such as Akashi-dai (sea bream), Hotaru-ika (firefly squid) are also in season this time of year.

Cherry Blossoms at Shukugawa Park (Kobe, Hanshin)

Shukugawa River, which flows through Nishinomiya City from north to south, is lined with about 1,700 cherry trees for 2.8km. This spot is chosen as "100 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites". You can see various kinds of cherry blossoms here, and one of them are originated in Nishinomiya City. Nishinomiya Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year in early April, it's the best time to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.


Tulips at Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center (Harima)

Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center in Kasai City is one of the best botanical garden in Japan with total area of 46 hectare, surrounded by natural forest of pine trees. Tulip Festival is held here every year from the end of March through the end of April. Total of 220,000 tulips in 500 species in full bloom will capture your heart.


Cherry Blossoms in Kinosaki Onsen (Tajima)

Kinosaki Onsen in Toyooka City is famous for its hot spring with 1,400 years of history. There are 7 different hot bath houses and each of them have unique characteristics, where you can fully enjoy "Soto-Yu-Meguri", visiting hot spring facilities outside of your hotel/inn. Cherry trees are planted alongside Otanigawa River, from Kiyamachi Street to Onsen-ji Temple and Yakushi Park. In the spring, those cherry trees are lit up and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while stopping by seven public bath houses at night.


Wisteria Trellis in Byakugo-ji Temple (Tamba)

Byakugo-ji Temple in Tamba City has a long history - established in 705. The wisteria flowers at precincts of Byakugo-ji Temple has very long clusters, and often called "kushaku-fuji", meaning 120cm-long wisteria. The way they bend down just like a waterfall is breathtaking. A festival is held at the best time to see these flowers, which is early thorugh mid May.


Rape Blossoms in Awaji Hana Sajiki Garden (Awaji)

Awaji Hana Sajiki Garden is located on a hilly area in the North of Awaji Island. A vast flower garden at an elevation of 298 to 235 meters spreads to plateau towards the ocean. You can enjoy an expansive panorama of flowers against Akashi Channel and Osaka Bay, and these pretty flowers create a dreamlike world. In the spring, when rape blossoms are in full bloom it almost looks like a yellow carpet. The best time to see rape blossoms is late through mid April.


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