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Highlights in Summer

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Summer in HYOGO is full of rich nature facing the Japan Sea in the north, and the Seto Inland Sea in the south. Also, you must not forget the beautiful mountains, highlands, waterfalls; Mt. Rokko, Mt. Hyono, Shiwagara waterfalls, Tonomine Highlands, and more. At San'in Kaigan Geopark in the Tajima area, you can experience "Sea kayaking", and "Bay cruising" on the clear water. Also, the view of the Seto Inland Sea from the lookout on Akashi-kaikyo Bridge, and the superb view of the great Naruto whirlpools are the one you should experience once in your lifetime. Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival, designated as one of the Japan Heritage, is one of the great summer festivals in Hyogo. Enjoy amazing fireworks festivals as well. *Japan Heritage is the legends/stories telling the Japanese culture. Please enjoy the various kinds of activities and the festivals of Summer in HYOGO!

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge / Maiko Marine Promenade (Kobe, Hanshin)

The world's longest suspension bridge as 3,911m in total length, connecting Awaji Island and Kobe City. There is the Maiko Marine Promenade, an observation facility built inside of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. There is a glass flooring that you can see through the ships come and go, and also an observation camera system which makes you feel like you’re on top of the bridge’s 300-meter-high main tower. You can enjoy the various scenery of Akashi Channel. Also, you definitely should join the bridge tour "Bridge World," taking you to the highest point of the bridge.


NANKO Sunflower fields (Sayo-Cho, Harima)

The biggest sunflower fields in West Japan. Approx. 1,500,000 sunflowers are in full glory in the whole Nanko district, and 700,000 at the venue of the Sunflower Festival. Sunflower Festival is held in the middle to the end of July every year. Special products and farm products will be in sale there. At the nearby "Nanko Himawarikan" the local shop, you can purchase products made of sunflowers such as sunflower oil and salad dressing.


Takeno Coast / Nekozaki Peninsula (Tajima)

Takeno-Hama Coast is chosen as "88 Best Beaches in Japan", "100 Best Sea Shores in Japan". You can enjoy swimming, camping there. At Nekozaki Peninsula, the northernmost tip of Hyogo, there is a promenade you can walk to the lighthouse on the edge. Enjoy the splendid panorama view of the Japan Sea from the lighthouse!


Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival (Tamba)

"Dekansho-Bushi" Dance, born around Sasayama Castle back in the Edo era, is famous nationwide as the festival of Min'yo (traditional folk songs). The festival is designated as the Japan Heritage, you can experience the atmosphere of the Japanese traditional "Bon-Odori" Dance. At night, local residents and people from afar make groups together and dance in the circles to the rhythm of Dekansho-Bushi. Also, fireworks rise to light up the summer night sky.


Naruto Uzushio (whirlpools) (Awaji)

O-Naruto Bridge in a total length of 1,629m, connecting the Shikoku region to Awaji Island and Uzushio, which is the world's largest whirlpools of 30m in diameter. Please experience its magnificent view of changing shapes in every moment! There is a cruising ship taking you close to the great whirlpools Uzushio. Enjoy its magnificent view with this 1-hour cruising tour!


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