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Highlights in Winter

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In winter there are full of delicious food in Hyogo. Zuwai-gani crab in the Sea of Japan, oyster in Seto Inland Sea, Torafugu (pufferifsh) in Awaji Island, and Botan Nabe (wild boar hotpot) in Tamba are at their best time in winter. At Ryokan (Japanese style inns), you will be welcomed with warm Nabe (hotpot) dish and Onsen. Also, winter is the season for making Sake, and Sake breweries throughout the prefecture will start preparing for new Sake. In some Sake breweries you can tour inside and watch how Sake is made. In the north of Hyogo there are one of the greatest ski resorts in Western Japan, and you can enjoy winter sports there.

The Flavor of Japanese Sake (Kobe, Hanshin)

Delicious Sake must be made with good rice and good water.  Not only is Hyogo a producer of the best brewer's rice, Yamada Nishiki, but it is also home to many famous freshwater sources. It's even to be said Hyogo is blessed by God of Sake. How about treating yourself to some delicious Sake and stimulate your taste and senses?


Oyster (Harima)

Oyster in west Harima is grown in a water full of nutrition which flows from Ibo River and Chikusa River, and it grows fast as it only takes half a year to ship from early summer. Therefore it's called "Ichinen (all-year-round) Oyster". It grows big in a shell and has springy texture, and doesn't shrink even when heated. You can feel the sweetness and flavor of oysters spread in the mouth, it's also known as "milk of the sea".


Ski Resort (Tajima)

Tajima area located in the north of Hyogo is a heavy snowy region, as a seasonal wind that contatins a large quantity of water vapor from Sea of Japan hit the mountains and brings snow, which is rare in southwestern part of Japan. Therefore a lot of unique Ski Resorts are here in Tajima. Kannabe Kogen Ski Resort in Toyooka City, Hachi-kita Ski Resort in Yabu City are famous ski resorts in western Japan.


Botan Nabe (Tamba)

Botan Nabe is a local-special hotpot dish in Tamba with wild boar and plentiful vegetables. It's a Miso based hotpot, and each restaurants have their own special miso or dashi (Japanese soup stock). The name "Botan Nabe" comes from how it looks, the wild boar meat is sliced thin and placed on a plate just like a flower of peony (Botan in Japanese). The fresh wild boar meat from Tamba is popular with its taste.


Nada-Kuroiwa Narcissus Field (Awaji)

Awaji Island is known as one of the best sights for narcissus in Japan. Nada-Kuroiwa Narcissus Field is one of the three greatest natural habitat for narcissus in Japan. 5 million wild narcissus are in full bloom in the whole area of steep slope from Mt. Yuzuruha to the ocean in the southern part of Awaji Island, for approximately 7 hectare. You can see the wonderful contrast of the lemon yellow narcissus and the bule ocean. Flowering time is from the middle of December to the middle of February.


Seasons of Hyogo

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