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The West Harima information "Spring/Summer 2020" has been issued

It is the text from here.


The 5th edition of Nishiharima Information was published.

"NishiharimaInformation" printedarticles from Kobe Shimbun that relate to the history, culture, and goings onof Nishi-Harima area was published. It is fully loaded of Nishiharima' s daily life and tourisminformation.
You can read it from the following PDF file,and also get it at some places in Hyogo prefecture [ex. Himeji Navi Port,Nishiharima Distinct Administration Office, Hyogo Tourism Bureau, Osaka InternationalAirport (Itami Airport) and more].

 "Nishiharima Information" (PDF: 8,745KB)

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