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Awaji Area

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Awaji Island is located where crossed world's longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from Kobe. Awaji Island is believed to be the birthplace of Japan, according to some Japanese mythology, and is dotted with famous places such as Izanagi-jingu Shrine and Onokorojima Shrine. Surrounded by the ocean 360 degrees and blessed with warm climate from Seto Inland, Awaji Island is famous as "flower island" where seasonal flowers such as narcissus, rape blossoms and tulip welcome you all year round. In Awaji Puppet Theater, you can experience Ningyo Joruri (Japanese puppet show), traditional arts of Japan with the history of 500 years.

Naruto Uzushio (whirlpools)

O-Naruto Bridge in a total length of 1,629m, connecting the Shikoku region to Awaji Island and Uzushio, which is the world's largest whirlpools of 30m in diameter. Please experience its magnificent view of changing shapes in every moment! There is a cruising ship taking you close to the great whirlpools Uzushio. Enjoy its magnificent view with this 1-hour cruising tour!


Awaji Yume Butai and Hyakudan-en

Compound facility designed for an effective utilization of post mine surface by world-famous architect, Tadao Ando. It reminids you of coexistence with nature, dotted with facilities such as "Kiseki no Hoshi Botanical Museum", one of the largest greenhouse in Japan, and "Shell Beach", made of 1 million pieces of scallop shells. Hyakudan-en, stair-casing 100 flower beds along slope of mountain is very beautiful.


Awaji Puppet Theater

Ningyo Joruri (Japanese puppet show), traditional arts of Japan is still inherited in Awaji Island. You can watch performance of Ningyo Joruri in Awaji Puppet Theater with the history of approximately 500 years. The technique to handle the puppets is very artistic. There is also an audio guide for foreign tourists. In Awaji Ningyo Joruri Museum located nearby, you can see the puppets and documents on display.


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