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Where to Stay

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Hyogo Prefecture has various accomodations to suit everyone's taste. Whether you prefer convenient and comfortable Western-style hotels, or Ryokan suffused with the ambience of old Japan, or Minshuku and pensions with friendly home environment, you can find the right accommodations for you. Regardless of the style of accommodation you choose, you can enjoy a comfortable stay with the highest levels of courtesy and service. Find your favorite place to stay in Hyogo!


Hyogo Prefecture offers various kinds of hotels to cater to every taste and budget. City hotels and business hotels are convenient options for business travel or sightseeing, while resort hotels and luxury-class hotels provide the high levels of service and facilities. With a wide price ranges and variety of plans and options, you can choose the best hotel that matches your budget and travel needs.



Ryokan is an accommodation facility in the traditional Japanese style. Rooms are mainly furnished in Japanese style, where futons are laid out on tatami (mats of woven straw) when slepping. Many Ryokan offer the full Japanese holiday experience, with hot-spring baths and multi-course Kaiseki banquets. Change into a Yukata (light cotton summer kimono) and treat yourself. A dedicated staff is assigned to each room and you can expect warm and attentive service such as tea and meal service, and spreading out and putting away futons.


Other Options

Minshuku and pensions are lodgings generally small-scaled and simple in terms of facilities but are relatively inexpensive and offer a more friendly, informal style of service. In these types of lodgings the owner and guests often dine together, so it is recommended for those who enjoy getting to know people on their travels. They welcome the visitors as their family, many travelers return to the same Minshuku or pension year after year.


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